Inside Austin Gardens Tour – Jerry Naiser’s Garden

Jerry Naiser’s Garden
7103 Montana Norte 78731

Informal Discussions All Day – Simple or Complex Drip Irrigation Systems

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Water is the issue…..the future we now face with limited water resources, is how to manage, conserve and utilize this precious commodity. The garden of Jerry Naiser addresses and answers many of our water conservation concerns.

naiser-steerJerry’s north central Austin garden has an incredible drip irrigation system that he designed and installed to create 32 separate computer-controlled zones. These zones are set up to pull current weather data from the Internet and adjust watering accordingly. No overwatering occurs. This is water efficiency! This is water management!

This garden has widely varied moisture needs including trees, roses, vegetables, tropical plants and ferns found throughout his garden. It also includes a unique water-channeling feature that captures rainfall and uses run off as the primary source of water for the entire system.

Delight all your senses as you enjoy the owner’s vertical hanging herb garden that sits above the vegetable bed. Walk through the back area that is designed to party with swimming pool and covered bar/patio area. Seek out the isolated, quiet, tree shaded patio surrounded by shade loving plants. This whole delightful flora designed area is under the careful watch of a life-sized longhorn. Enjoy his creative garden work that is evident at each and every turn.

naiser-fenceGive yourself the treat of meeting this innovative garden owner and listening to his broad knowledge regarding water solutions, drip irrigation systems and rain water collection. We know you will leave armed with the needed knowledge to start your own water improvements!