Inside Austin Gardens Tour – AgriLife Extension’s Demonstration Garden

Travis County AgriLife Extension’s Demonstration Garden
1600 B Smith Road 78721

Daphne Richards, Travis County Extension Horticulturist, will be on hand all day to answer your gardening questions. Augie will be there too!

Informal Discussions All Day – Live or Die – Garden Trials, Your Native and Adapted Plants, What AgriLife Can Do For You
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Kids’ Activities all day

Check out the Demo Garden Plant List – [sorted by botanical name] [sorted by common name]

The Travis County AgriLife Extension garden is based on Earth-Kind® landscaping principles and is ADA compliant. Be still for a few minutes and discover the wildlife flourishing in this Certified Wildlife Habitat. Skinks dash to capture insects. Birds gobble up insects and berries and raise their young in the trees and shrubs. Butterflies find nectar and caterpillars munch on vines and plants. The birds and other animals come to the small pond to drink.

demo-veggiesEarth-Kind® landscaping uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum garden and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting the environment. The best organic and traditional gardening and landscaping principles are combined to create an effective and environmentally responsible garden which encourages water conservation, reduced fertilizer and pesticide use, energy conservation, and reduction of waste in landfills. Located in the Colorado River basin the garden is blessed with deep loamy clay soil. When originally planted in March 2003, 3-4” of compost was tilled into the soil. Mulch, replenished yearly, slowly breaks down and continually feeds the beds. Soil was purchased for the raised vegetable beds. Fertilizer is only used in the vegetable beds and roses. Hiding under the mulch is a drip irrigation system. The brown tubing has pressure-regulated emitters every 18”. The system slowly dribbles water on the soil so all is absorbed and none runs off. The irrigation control box regulates the time and duration of watering in compliance with current water restrictions.

The garden was designed and is maintained by the volunteer efforts of the Travis County Master Gardeners. It serves as a test area for plants that may be added to the native and adapted plants list and as a demonstration tool for the citizens of Travis County. Vegetables harvested are donated to the Capital Area Food Bank.

Access to this garden is free. Restrooms are located inside the building.