Ground to Ground

Ground to Ground is a city-wide campaign that diverts nutrient-rich coffee grounds from landfills and puts them back to work in Central Texans’ yards, farms, and gardens.

A partnership between Texas A&M AgriLife Extension-Travis County and Compost Coalition, Ground to Ground is simple, sustainable, and community-driven.  Any resident can pick up free buckets of post-brew grounds to use at their residence or community garden.  The only commitment required is to rinse and return the bucket to the business.

Learn why grounds are “black gold” for your garden.

Learn how to use grounds in your compost, garden beds, yard, or worm bin.

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Many of you already pick up grounds at your neighborhood coffee shop, and your plants love you for it!  We are working to formalize and expand these partnerships under the Ground to Ground umbrella, and encourage public participation through educational outreach. For businesses, we supply G2G buckets for offering spent grounds, start-up support, publicity through our website and online map, and promotional materials (window decal, brochures, and info about composting grounds for customers).

Are you interested in learning more? Is there a coffee shop that you would like to see participating? If you’d like to suggest coffee shops from which you already pick up grounds, and/or be active in growing this program, let us know!

Ground to Ground One-Pager: How to Use Grounds & List of Participating Businesses

For more information, contact:

Daphne Richards
County Extension Agent – Horticulture
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Travis County
(512) 854-9600