Diverting 8 TONS of Nutrient-Rich Organics from the Landfill, Every Month!

| October 10, 2013
Burlap at Coffee Shop

An Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf employee presents the in-store bin that provides small bags of grounds to customers.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – Travis County and Compost Coalition started Ground to Ground in 2012.  We had a lot going for us: a great model, two willing coordinators, and three local coffee shops who were brave enough to participate in our pilot program.  One year later, we have twenty two businesses and numerous office buildings participating, and divert 8 TONS of nutrient-rich post-brew coffee grounds from the landfill every month! 

This program is truly a model in community partnership and resource maximization.  It is run by publicly-funded AgriLife Extension and grassroots Compost Coalition; populated with local coffee shops, restaurants, and roasters; supported by Master Gardener volunteers; and driven by community demand for grounds. It delivers educational outreach and free resources to people “where they are”, engenders partnership between private business and local gardening groups, and has given us all the opportunity to reduce a needless waste stream in our community.  Oh, and it’s responsible for my garden being bigger, happier, and more productive than ever before.  With 8 tons monthly going into local yards, gardens, and farms, there must be others who agree.

Get free grounds from these participating businesses (as of October 10, 2013):

131010 Participating Locations Open to Public

 The following businesses are loyal Ground to Ground participants, but their grounds are already spoken for!
Vintage Heart Coffee (1405 E. Seventh St.) – gives to Blackshear Community Garden
7-Eleven (South Lamar/Barton Skyway)
Galaxy Cafe (Triangle Ave.)

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