Edible Austin Spotlights Ground to Ground

| June 27, 2013

Edible Austin spotlights Ground to Ground as a “Local Hero in the War on Waste”!

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Thus was born Austin’s own Ground to Ground project, a partnership that includes Compost Coalition and Travis County’s Texas A&M AgriLife Extensions office, which uses their army of Master Gardener volunteers to recruit cafes to offer their used grounds freely to anyone who asks, and to educate the community in general about their myriad benefits.  “Coffee grounds actually contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium,” notes Razzaz, “which are the three major nutrients in conventional fertilizer, and they contribute a range of micronutrients such as magnesium, copper and calcium that you don’t typically  find in synthetic fertilizers.  They add organic matter to your yard or garden, which helps retain moisture, and are just a fantastic soil amendment overall.”


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“I say that using coffee grounds in your garden is a gateway drug to composting,” Compost Coalition founder Heather-Nicole Hoffman adds with a laugh.  “You can actually put them directly on your soil, so you don’t even have to compost them first.”  Not to mention the fact that they’re free.”

Read the full article (pg. 64) on Edible Austin’s website!  








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