Book Review

Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture, 2nd Ed. by E.F. George, Exegetics Ltd. Hardcover 
Part 1. The Technology, Pp. 574, 1993, ISBN 0-9509325-4-X. $145.00. Wt. 1.9 kg
Part 2. In Practice, Pp. 799, 1996, ISBN 0- 9509325-5-8. $153.00. Wt. 2.3 kg

The following  book review is excerpted from the March, 1996 issue of Agricell Report

When the first edition of Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture was published in 1984, it received one of the best reviews that Agricell Report has ever given a book. That book has remained on this reviewer’s desk as the most useful standard micropropagation reference available. It will now be replaced by the two volumes that comprise the second edition, which are bigger and even better.

Part I. The Technology is a broad overview of micropropagation that includes techniques, equipment and procedures, control of contamination — including an extensive table of antibiotics listing effectiveness and phytotoxicity, storage and distribution of clonal material, forty pages of media tables and detailed media preparation instructions with extensive use of line drawings. The book goes into detailed discussions and illustrations of designs, sizes and layouts of laboratories, media preparation rooms and culture and isolation rooms. It also discusses and illustrates efficient work practices and production planning.

Part 2. In Practice, which has just been published, discusses specific micropropagation techniques including dealing with problems in establishing and maintaining cultures, use of growth regulators and preparation of media, and rooting and establishment of micropropagules. Comprehensive discussions of hyperhydricity and acclimatization are included. A section on the economics of production compares costs of micropropagation by alternate methods — illustrated by charts and line drawings. The volume also includes 15 pages of micropropagation-related patents. The final chapter of Part 2 is divided into sections describing and analyzing the methods used for micropropagating all the major classes of plants. It includes the most extensive and up-to-date tables of reported micropropagation of specific plants that this reviewer has seen. Part 2 ends with an 85-page (5000 publication) bibliography, which is a supplement to the 70-page bibliography of Part 1.

Plant Propagation by Tissue Culture is a true encyclopedia of micropropagation, a micropropagation handbook (despite its large size) as well as a comprehensive sourcebook on tissue culture propagation. It is well written, beautifully illustrated and belongs in any laboratory that is involved with producing plants via tissue culture.

Contents of Part 1
1. Plant Tissue Culture Techniques
2. Plant Propagation and Micropropagation
3. Variation in Cultures and Regenerated Plants
4. Equipment and Procedures
5. Controlling Perisistent Contaminants and Plant Diseases
6. Storing and Distributing Clonal Material
7. Factors Affecting Growth and Morphogenesis
I. Genotype and the Physical Environment
8. Factors Affecting Growth and Morphogenesis
II. Tissue Dependent Factors
9. The Components of Culture Media
10. The Derivation, Preparation and Use of Plant Tissue Culture Media
11. Plant Growth Regulators

Contents of Part 2
12. Appropriate Growth Factors and Media
13. Problems in Initiating and Maintaining Cultures
14.  Rooting and Establishment
15. The Phenotype of Micropropagated Material
16. Commercial Micropropagation
17. Micropropagation in Practice
Subdivided into sections describing and analyzing the methods used for micropropagating all the major classes of plants.
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