Suppliers of tissue culture vessels

A wide array of containers may be used as tissue culture vessels (mason jars, baby food jars, test tubes, Petri plates, polymer bags, etc.).

Magenta Corporation
3800 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641-2874
Phone 773-777-5050
FAX 773-777-4055

Magenta Corporation makes a wide array of autoclavable polymer containers, the most common being the Magenta GA7 vessel, a cubical vessel (actually 3"x3"x4") with a translucent lid that permits close packing. They also carry autoclavable plastic trays and reusable lids for baby food jars.

ICN Biomedicals, Inc.
3300 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa CA 92626

ICN Biochemicals is a supplier of plant tissue culture media and reagents, as well as biochemicals, and plasticware.