Plant Propagation


       Educational Sites

              - Root Data Base- UC Davis

              - USDA - Plants Database

               - Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus- Propagation

               - Plant Propagation; An Overview of Asexual Reproduction

               - Lists of Plants on the Landscape Plant Propagation Database on IFAS/VAX

               - USDA: Gardening

               - Propagation: The big picture

               - Propagation of Landscape Plants

               - Propagation of Woody Ornamentals by Cuttings

               - Landscape Plant Propagation Workbook: Unit I. General Principles of Plant Propagation

               - Landscape Plant Propagation Workbook: Unit II. Propagation by Cuttings

               - Landscape Plant Propagation Workbook: Unit III. Propagation by Seed

               - Landscape Plant Propagation Workbook: Unit IV. Propagation by Division

               - Guide to Plant Propagation

               - Directory of Magazines

       Tissue Culture

               - Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange


               - Budding & Grafting Citrus & Avocados in the Home Garden 

               - Budding, University of Missouri

               - Bark Grafting, Mario Moratorio, Yolo/Solano Co. UCCE

               - Bud Grafting, Chuck Ingels, Sacramento Co. UCCE. Illustrated by Walter Dong

               - Grafting, University of Missouri

               - Whip Grafting, Texas Agricultural Extension Service

               - Budding and grafting roses: Ask an expert


               - IPPS

               - IPPS-SRNA - International Plant Propagators Society - Southern Region of North America

               - Plant Propagation Chart, California Rare Fruit Growers

       Commercial Sites


               - Twyford Laboratories

               - Gardener's Supply Company

       Individual/Miscellaneous Sites

               - Rooting of plant cuttings

               - About Bamboo

               - Air Layering For Difficult-To-Root Plants

               - Plant Facts Database (Ohio State Univ.)

               - Plant America

               - Garden Web

               - Horticultural Web

               - Hort. Info. Leaflets

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