Lab Requirements and Procedures - Fall 2009

Lab Location

Field Layout

Information that will be useful for calculating Heat Units can be found here

Variety List

This list is cumulative, so there are some varieties on the list we don't have.


List of Seed Sources: Seed Source List

List of Pesticide Labels that May be used in Lab




Detailed Lab Events

(These are updated after they occur and include outside activities and rainfall/irrigation data)


Lab Schedule - Fall 2009


Lab# Date

Tentative Topics

Aug 31

Introduction; WPS Training; Discuss Project; Handouts

Sept 7

Seed-out for transplant; Visit field, discuss layout, soil prep, assign groups; Go over tractor safety

Sep 14

0.3" Rain. Soil Prep, direct seeding, monitor for pests; weed/insect control.

Sep 21

Assisted by Dr. Masabni and Patrick Lillard; Continue Transplanting; Direct seeding; Weed control.

Sep 28

Finish any transplanting and direct seeding that needs to be done ; reseed where needed

Oct 5

Sprayer Calibration; Weed control;

Oct. 12

Pest control; reseed where needed. Monitor for pests.

Oct  19


Oct  26

2.26" Rain; No Lab; Oct. 31: Group 2 marketed produce at Brazos Valley Farmers' Market

Nov 2


Nov   9

TBA Weed Identification and Seed identification

Nov 16

This would be a good time to start working on your lab final if possible

Nov 23

Meet at Millican Produce, 22168 FM 159, Millican, TX

Nov 30

Final Formal Lab Meeting

Try to work on your lab final now, since this is the last formal lab period. There will be a few opportunities to schedule a time outside of lab. Be sure your lab final is completed before crop removal.

Remove irrigation lines, plastic mulch and all stakes from plots after Instructor OK; Final harvesting