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Technology in Horticulture

Wal-Mart EDI system

Precision Agriculture

Sensor Technology

Controlled Environment Agriculture

References of Technology

Assignment 5


Technology in Horticultural Cropping Systems

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the types of technology coming into play in horticultural cropping systems.
  • Describe the techniques collectively referred to as "precision agriculture".
  • Explore the impact of computer networking systems on retail and production horticulture.
  • Examine various types of electronic sensors and learn the role they have in controlled environment horticulture.
  • Complete and submit Assignment #5.

Technology has become a pervasive element in modern horticultural cropping systems. In the context of HORT 315, we define technology as "advanced systems that manage, control, communicate, sense, and report information on crops at all stages of development and utilization." Technology includes (but is not limited to):

  • improved plant genotypes, some developed by recombinant DNA technology;
  • "value-added" plant propagation
    (advanced hybrids, coated and primed seed, artificial seeds, micropropagation, advanced plug technology);
  • computer-based environmental sensing and control;
  • high speed data interchange between critical production points;
  • environmental sensors and equipment for monitoring plant status;
  • advanced production techniques (hydroponics, CEA, ebb and flood, etc.)

High technology production systems:

  • require highly trained managers and workers;
  • are expensive;
  • are ever-changing--require periodic updating

Examples from Contemporary Horticultural Systems
Explore the following examples of technology as they are being implemented in horticultural production and retails systems. As an aid to completing the assignments, examine each type of technology with respect to the underlying technological concept involved, the types of equipment needed to make the systems work in the "real world," and potential applications for these technologies in horticultural systems.

The Wal-Mart EDI System as a model for inventory control

Precision Agriculture
Sensor Technology
Controlled Environment Agriculture
Eurofresh Farms
Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

For further information, consult the references on the technology links page.

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