Perennial Garden Color
by William C. Welch

Reviewed by Cynthia W. Mueller, Master Gardener, Galveston County

Perennial Garden Color For Texas and The South has long been the primary source of information for Texas gardeners interested in learning how to garden successfully under hot and dry Southern conditions, using reliable, time-tested garden plants. Only with the special help of a guide written specifically for the Southern region can years of trial and error in the garden be avoided.

Dr. Bill Welch, a veteran horticulturist and a landscape specialist with Texas A&M's Department of Horticulture, has written such a guide, one which Neil Sperry has called "a masterpiece." Lavishly illustrated with over 500 color photographs Perennial Garden Color provides detailed information on planting and growing over 125 different perennials and their companion plants. Also included are over 100 varieties of old garden roses together with comments on their history and uses.

Bill Welch is a popular speaker, well known for the quality of his slides of both garden plants and the design of the gardens and surrounding landscape, as well. He is a member-at-large of the Garden Club of America and the Chairman of the Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. four-course Landscape Design series held twice a year in Bryan, Texas, and is responsible for the high quality and range of the invited speakers. Master Gardeners will be quite familiar with his presentations.

Readers of this book will find that Dr. Welch goes beyond detailing individual flowers, however, to emphasize their use in landscape design. He shows you how to harmonize the color, texture and shape of perennials, old roses, and companion plants to create an overall effect of grace and elegance. The dozens of photographs of landscape designs offer a wealth of ideas and inspiration. Special attention is focused on the cottage garden, a concept which was brought to the New World from Europe and examples of which can still be found throughout Texas and the South. Dr. Welch presents a history of this traditional design and gives you the information you need to make this lovely European gardening style your own.

This book was printed by Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, TX, 1989, ISBN #0-87833-628-1. It may be ordered at any bookstore, and is often available at Dr. Welch's lectures, where the proceeds support a student scholarship.