cover of Heirloom Gardening in the South

Heirloom Gardening in the South: Yesterday's Plants for Today's Gardens
by William C. Welch and Greg Grant, Texas A&M University Press, 2011.

This is a large and attractive book by Bill Welch and his former student Greg Grant and is a captivating personal account by two dedicated and passionate gardeners, including a treasure-trove of plant images. Anyone who wants to know how to find and grow time honored, environmentally sustainable and pass-along plants and wants to create and nurture a traditional garden is sure to want this book. Included are sections on garden heritage, propagation, naturalizing daffodils and other bulbs, garden design, growing fruit and other topics, and includes a completely updated and expanded heirloom plant encyclopedia with lists of bulbs, cemetery plants, etc., as well as descriptions of two of the authors' personal gardens. The book has 537 pages and 500 color images of plants and landscapes that you will want to have for yourself. The cost of the book is $30.

Reviewed by: Cynthia W. Mueller.