Antique Roses for the South
by William C. Welch

Antique Roses for the South is the definitive text on roses for Southern gardeners. Many antique, classic and 'garden' rose varieties are described which are especially well adapted to warmer climates.

Dr. Bill Welch, Professor and Extension Landscape Horticulturist, was one of the first to recognize and promote the beauty and enduring qualities of antique and garden roses for use in Texas gardens (and all through the South) under modern conditions. These survivors from lost gardens, many lasting through years of neglect, may now be found in historical recreation plantings, public gardens and especially in the landscapes of gardeners interested in roses that are vigorous, hardy and disease resistant as well as beautiful.

Readers of this book will find answers to many common questions about old roses: 'what is an "old" rose?' 'where do rose rustlers look for antique roses?' and 'how do I landscape with old roses?' The background and activities of the Texas Rose Rustler group is explored, as well as histories of many of the most treasured varieties. The most important of the old rose groups described are the Chinas, Teas, Noisettes, and species such as the Lady Banks, Multiflora, Musks, and Chestnut rose. Instructions for rose hip tea, rose beads and other crafts were contributed by S. J. Derby and the late Margaret Sharpe. A large section is included on the utilization of roses in floral arrangements. Propagation techniques are also covered.

'Old Blush,' classic China rose

Reviewed by: Cynthia W. Mueller.

This book was printed by Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, TX, 1990, ISBN #0-87833-723-7. It may be ordered at any bookstore, and is often available at Dr. Welch's lectures, where the proceeds support a student scholarship.