Kate Adams Retires

from: The Center for American History News, July 2003

NOTE: This material appeared originally in the Proceedings of the 10th Annual Oktober Gartenfest, Winedale, Texas, 2003, presented jointly by The University of Texas Center for American History and the Texas Cooperative Extension, Dr. William C. Welch, Committee Chairman.

poppy bud
Bud of ornamental poppy,
Fayette County, Texas

Longtime Associate Director Kate Adams, highly regarded within the university community for her leadership skills and subject knowledge of libraries and U.S. history, retired from the Center for American History in December 2002.

She joined the Barker Texas History Center in July 1981 as Assistant Director, and made an immediate impact on collection development, special programs, and donor relations. She became an Associate Director when the Center for American History was created in 1991. When the Winedale Historical Center became a division of the Center in 1995, Kate assumed additional responsibility as its administrator.

Her varied roles at the Center included producing special publications, writing grants, and developing educational programs. She also wrote for several publications, lectured, and consulted on numerous issues relating to libraries and U.S. history. She served as co-editor, with Dr. Lewis Gould, of Inside the Natchez Trace Collection: New Sources for Southern History, published by Louisiana State University Press in 1991.

Don Carleton added that the "contributions that Kate has made to the Center and to the University during her years of service are beyond counting. She has played a positive and significant role in every accomplishment that the Center has enjoyed in the last two decades."

We wish Kate the happiest of retirements.

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