Future Site of the TAMU Rose Breeding Library

Dr. Basye was an avid collector of rare and antique books. Specifically those that dealt with roses.

Our goal with this page is to eventually create a virtual library. Below is a brief list of a few of the rare jewels in our posession.

  • 1800s
    • Rosarum Monographia; A Botanical History of Roses
      • by John Lindley, F. L. S.
      • copyright 1820
    • The Rose: Its History, Poetry, Culture, and Classification.
      • by S. B. Parsons
      • copyright 1847
  • 1900s
    • Old Fashioned Roses
      • by Bobink & Atkins
      • copyright 1932
    • The Roses of Britian.
      • Lt. Col. A. H. Wolley-Dod
      • copyright 1924
    • The Subsection Eu-Caninae of the Genus Rosa
      • by Major A. H. Wooley-Dod
      • coyright 1908

The goals of the Robert E. Basye Chair are to use all the tools
of modern plant breeding to study the genetics of
the genus, and ultimately, to create modern roses
with increased disease and insect resistance.

For further information about how YOU can support the
Robert E. Basye Chair in Rose Genetics, please contact:

Dr. David H. Byrne
Department of Horticultural Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-2133
Phone 979-862-3072
FAX 979-845-0627
email: d-byrne@tamu.edu

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