How YOU Can Keep Dr. Basye's and Mr. Moore's Dream Alive

Contributions to the Texas A&M Rose Breeding Program can be made in general to the Basye Endowment.
However, if preferred, contributions can be made to the following specific areas:

  • Education of Current and Future Graduate Students
    • It costs approximately $7000 per semester to fund an individual graduate student.
  • Ongoing Research
  • Rose Beds
    • It costs approximately $200 per month to maintain a rose bed
    • Maintence includes labor costs, weeding, pruning, watering, fertilization, etc.
  • Basye Rose Garden
    • Our dream is to create a rose garden that showcases Dr. Basye selections and unreleased varieties.
    • The cost for this project has been estimated at $25,000

Donation List
The breeding program is also looking for the donation of the following items:

  • Truck or Van
  • Gator type utility vehicle
  • Tractor(s)
  • Book Scanner (not a flatbed scanner)
  • Rose Books
  • Sunshine Mix #4
  • New Laptop Computer
  • Weed Barrier

The goals of the Robert E. Basye Chair are to use all the tools
of modern plant breeding to study the genetics of
the genus, and ultimately, to create modern roses
with increased disease and insect resistance.

For further information about how YOU can support the
Robert E. Basye Chair in Rose Genetics, please contact:

Dr. David H. Byrne
Department of Horticultural Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-2133
Phone 979-862-3072
FAX 979-845-0627

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