Beef Tacos


6 servings: 1 taco per serving

Diabetic Exchanges: 2 Meat, 1/2 Starch/Bread & 1/2 Fat


1 pound lean hamburger meat   Comino
1 teaspoon salt   1/4 cup whole tomatoes
1 pinch black pepper   6 taco shells or corn tortillas
1 tablespoon minced onion   Shredded lettuce
1 garlic clove, mashed   Chopped tomato


Place meat in a large skillet with no fat. Add salt and black pepper; cover and cook over low heat until meat is lightly browned. Add onion and cook for one minute. Add garlic, comino, and tomatoes; allow to simmer until meat is almost dry. If prepared taco shells are used, warm shells in a preheated oven. Fresh shells may be made by dipping a corn tortilla in hot fat and folding the tortilla in half. Fry the tortilla on both sides until crisp and drain over paper napkins. Fill the shell with ground meat and top with shredded lettuce and tomatoes.