Q: I am a transplant from North Carolina who enjoys the beautiful bluebonnets and wilflowers which grow along the Texas highways. How can you get the seed mixture that the Department of Highways uses. I would like to use some on the sides of the road in front of my new home.

A: Most of the planting of wildflowers occurs in the fall (August-October) and bloom in the spring. There are some exceptions with one of the most outstanding spring-summer bloomers which can be planted in the spring from seed being cosmos. Good sources of wildflower mixes and information on planting are Wildseed Farms, P.O. Box 3000, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624 (Tel:210-990-8080 FAX: 210-990-8090) and Douglas-King Seed Company, 4627 Emil Road, San Antonio, Texas (Tel:210-661-4191). Texas Seed Company in Kenedy, Texas is the only supplier of seed of the Abbott Pink and Barbara Bush Bluebonnet described and pictured in Aggie-Horticulture. Transplants of blue and the color of bluebonnets are still available in nurseries and can be transplanted successfully until mid-February.

For more information on wildflowers, visit Wildflowers in Bloom.

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