Texas Cooperative Extension,
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

July-August 2004

Oktober Gartenfest, Winedale, Texas

College Station, TX

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Round Top, TX
Gate, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Round Top, TX
The annual Oktober Gartenfest Symposium will be held October 22-23, 2004. The Symposium is sponsored by The University of Texas Center for American History and Texas Cooperative Extension. Dr. William C. Welch, Chairman, announces that this year's program will focus on "Sustainable Gardens."

Southern Garden History Society vice president Mary Anne Pickens will be speaking about Adina de Zavala, the granddaughter of Lorenzo de Zavala, first vice-President of the Republic of Texas, and her work with the Texas Centennial of 1936. Adina de Zavala's detailed description of her grandmother's garden near Houston has been used by researchers of early Texas gardens

Other speakers will address a variety of topics, including Greg Grant on the "History of the Belgian Gardeners of San Antonio, Texas," William Adams "Sustainable Fruits in the Home Garden", Billy Kniffen "Rainwater Capture/Harvesting", Lucinda Hutson "The Fall Gardenís Bounty: Grace, Gratitude & Glory" and "Favorite Edibles and Ornamentals in a Kitchen Garden."

There will be plant sale emphasizing both well adapted antique varieties of fruit and garden plants as well as interesting novelties. A tour is planned of several local gardens. The plant sale will emphasize both well adapted heirloom varieties of fruits and garden plants as well as interesting novelties.

For more information visit the Web site: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/southerngarden , or call (979) 845-7344.

After September 1st, 2004 you may view the site above for registration details.