September 2003

Poinsettia Growing Tips from Texas A&M

by Dr. Douglas F. Welsh

Poinsettia cultivar 'Avante Garde'
Anyone who has recently started poinsettia cuttings for Holiday blooms or who hopes to bring last year's containerized plant back into production should visit the website of Dr. Terri Starman and her group: After this, proceed to poinsettia/index. She is a member of the Horticulture Department at Texas A&M University, specializing in commercial greenhouse crop production. In the month of August the poinsettia plants are started and the website chronicles their progress until they reach full bloom in time for the Holiday season.

Here the viewer will find a link to much valuable data about poinsettias, including details on scheduling, potting, pinching, spacing, fertility, pest control, environmental conditions, PGR usage, and measuring procedures.

The website has a link providing a chart with information about the branching habit, foliage color, bract color, and vigor of each cultivar in their 2002 trial.

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