This article appeared in the October 2002 web issue of Horticulture Update,
edited by Dr. William C. Welch, and produced by Extension Horticulture,
Texas Cooperative Extension, The Texas A&M University System, College Station, Texas.

New Broadcast Bait for Fireants

By Charles L. Barr, Extension Program Specialist -
Fire Ant Project

From the September, 2002 edition of "ENT Notes -
Management of Insects and Related Pests"

roadcast Bait for Fire Ant Control, B-6099, has been recently revised and is available for distribution. Fire ant bait products have undergone a number of important changes since the publication was first issued. Some highlights include:

  • The active ingredient hydramethylnon used to be sold as just AmdroŽ and SiegeŽ. It is now contained in a half dozen new products sold by a number of companies. Each product has its own target market and specific labeling.

  • AmdroProŽ, SiegeProŽ and ExtinguishTM are the baits labeled for broadcast use on pastures.

  • Fipronil has entered the market as FirestarŽ bait, plus Chipco ChoiceŽ, TopChoiceŽ and Over N’OutTM granular formulations.

  • Several bait products are now applied at rates greater than the traditional 1.5 lbs/acre.

  • The price of most bait products has dropped one or two dollars per pound.