Plants Needs - Air, Water and Light

Time frame: one week
Space needed: sunny window sill
Objective: To observe the effect of air, water and light on plant health
Materials needed:
  • four small green bean plants in pots
  • four popsicle sticks
  • black paper
  • petroleum jelly
  • water
Introduction: Plants require air, water and light to grow. If they don't get any one of these, they can die!

  1. Mark popsicle stick with a #1, #2, #3 and #4, and stick one in each pot.

  2. Place plants in a sunny location.

  3. Spread petroleum jelly thickly on all stems and leaves (top and bottom) of Plant #1.

  4. Cover the leaves of Plant #2 by pinning black paper covers over the leaves.

  5. Water all plants except Plant #4 when the soil feels dry.

  6. Compare the plants after 1 week.

Plant Treatment Lacking Describe how plants look
#1 petroleum jelly air
#2 leaves covered light
#3 air, water, light nothing
#4 not watered water
Which plant looks healthiest? ___________________________________

What does this tell you about plant needs? ______________________