Meet the TAEX Nursery/Floral Management Team:
The TAEX Nursery/Floral program brings together several disciplines of study to address production related problems. A "wholistic" approach to nursery/floral management is extremely effective in developing new cultural techniques for increased profitability. While this multi-disciplinary concept is not new, it does represent a valuable approach to problem solving. The following individuals are members of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service's Nursery/Floral Management Team. We hope that you take the opportunity to use these resource people in problem solving.

Dr. Larry Barnes, Extension Plant Pathologist
Larry supervises the operation of the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab and works with growers throughout the state. Larry's expertise in the diseases of foliage, flowering and bedding plants is recognized nationally and the Diagnostic Lab is one of the best equipped facilities of it's type.
(409) 845-8032

Dr. Bart Drees, Extension Entomologist
Bart coordinates educational programs in the area of insect and mite management for greenhouse producers. His activities include applied research in the area of IPM and chemical control tactics. Bart also works closely with growers in developing practical recommendations for pest control.
(409) 845-6800.

Dr. Charles Hall, Extension Ag-Economist
Charlie is involved in developing marketing and management information for Texas growers. His expertise in the area of business economics has been extremely useful in identifying areas of potential profitability. Charlie's insight into our states changing economy will be important in charting a future course for the greenhouse industry.
(409) 845-1772.

Dr. Bruce Lesikar, Extension Ag-Engineer
Bruce is the most recent member of the Greenhouse Management Team. His work is primarily in the area of water management and environmental issues facing Texas growers. Dr. Lesikar is also involved in several projects looking at solid waste management and composting.
(409) 845-7453.

Dr. Dan Lineberger, Extension Horticulturist
Dan heads the Nursery/Floral Management Team's Electronic Communications Project. Aggie Horticulture is a widely used site on the World Wide Web computer network and contains a variety of information on nursery and floral crop production. Dr. Lineberger also works closely with TAEX Computer Technology to link this information with other Web sites.
(409) 845-5341.

Dr. Bryan Shaw, Extension Ag-Engineer
Bryan has worked closely with the development of the TAEX/TAN Safety First Program. This project has been extremely effective in assisting nursery/floral producers establish safety training programs in the workplace. Dr. Shaw provides in-depth information on training techniques that protect health and safety of nursery/floral employees in the working environment.
(409) 845-9793.

Dr. Don Wilkerson, Extension Horticulturist
Don works closely with growers statewide and also coordinates the TAEX Nursery/Floral Management Team activities. His work in the area of water management and the environment is helping producers deal with these critical issues. Don is also the program chairman for the Texas & Southwest Greenhouse Growers Conference.
(409) 845-5341.


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