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Dick Wettling's special project on developing and installing a
low-maintenance landscape for the SPCA was realized on
Wednesday, October 18, 2000, when ten Master Gardeners
finished the planting stage of the project.  Mexican Heather,
palm and Vitex were planted, along with three live oak trees.
Participants were Roland Borey, Sherry DeCarlo, Jim Edwards,
Nelson Harbison, Polly Gordy, Tony Roppolo, Bettye Solcher,
Jack and Jemmie Vanderlip and Dick Wettling.

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SPCA1.jpg (36657 bytes)
The team, back row, left
 to right:  Jemmie Vanderlip,
 Nelson Harbison, Tony
 Roppolo, Dick Wettling and
Jim Edwards; front row:
 Bettye Solcher, Polly
Gordy, Sherry DeCarlo &
Roland Borey.


SPCA2.jpg (52959 bytes)
Polly, Sherry DeCarlo,
Jemmie & Bettye don'
 mind getting their
hands dirty one little bit.

SPCA3.jpg (29948 bytes)
Roland tips his hat to the
 camera while planting
an oak tree.

SPCA4.jpg (28209 bytes)
A final tamping of the soil.

SPCA5.jpg (52324 bytes)
The completed entrance bed.

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