HORT 485: Special Problems
Greenhouses, Conservatories, and Flower Gardens

We are now accepting students into 1 - 3 hour Special Problems courses focusing on greenhouses, conservatories and flower garden planning, planting and maintenance. These courses will be offered at the TAMU Horticulture/Forest Science Building Greenhouses and Atrium and the Floriculture Greenhouses on main campus and the surrounding grounds at both locations. These facilities offer over 17,000 square feet of greenhouses, 15,000 square feet of flower beds and the student-admired atrium which houses the M. Benz Gallery of Floral Art.

Prerequisite: Instructor’s Approval.

Instructor: Dr. Terri Starman, Associate Professor

Time: TBA

Course Description: This 1 - 3 hour course is designed to provide the basic skills, knowledge and practical experiences required for career opportunities in commercial production greenhouses, botanical gardens and conservatories, high school or college instructional horticulture programs, and interior plantscaping firms. Study areas include:

Growing potted flowering plants, bedding plants, and foliage plants
Greenhouse operations and maintenance
Flower garden installation and maintenance
Scheduling seasonal color displays
Diversity of plant types including annuals, perennials, and tropicals
Current trends and new varieties of bedding plants
Plant evaluation and plant database management
Interior landscape installation and maintenance
Botanical garden conservatory maintenance
Cultural techniques i.e. pruning, watering, irrigation and fertilization
Integrated pest management
Care and handling of plants
Plant identification and taxonomy

For additional information contact

Dr. Terri Starman
Deparmentof Horticultural Sciences
Texas A&M University
Collage Station, Texas 77843-2133
(979) 862-2910

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