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Hort 429 Floriculture Crop Production

Do you love beautiful flowers and being out under the open sky? Would you like to care for an azalea until it bursts into glorious red blooms? Do you want to learn how to coax a chrysanthemum to bloom even when itís not supposed to? Would you like to know how to make a lily open itís fragrant white trumpets in time for Easter? You can do all this and more in HORT 429. HORT 429 is a hands-on lab for producing floriculture crops that meets weekly in greenhouse 1516 and HFSB 118. All other course work is completed on-line using TAMU Vista and only meets the first day of class and for exams and the final.

HORT 429 will provide you with the opportunity to experience a greenhouse environment and learn how to grow high quality flowering potted plants, cut flowers and garden plants including chrysanthemums, Easter lilies, spring bulbs, azaleas, snapdragons, geraniums, container gardens, hanging baskets and more. By learning to schedule, grow and evaluate various floriculture greenhouse crops, you will practice some of the latest technologies utilized in commercial greenhouse production. This course is great for all Horticulture majors and anyone who will grow plants in commercial, public or educational greenhouses.

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