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Growing Hanging Baskets: Production Procedures used for Hanging Baskets in our Research

The hanging baskets in the hanging basket photo gallery on this website were grown in experiments conducted in our research program. All crops were obtained as vegetative plugs from specialist propagators and transplanted directly into 10-inch hanging baskets between mid-January and early March. A constant liquid fertilization program was used in which 20-10-20 was alternated with 15-0-15 depending on EC and pH readings. 100 ppm Nitogen was used during the first 2 weeks, then 200-300 ppm Nitrogen was used for the remainder of the crop time. Plants were grown in a 70F/65F (venting/night temperature set points) greenhouse. Baskets were grown on benches and spaced as needed to keep plants from crowding.

Eleven days after planting some of the baskets were sprayed to runoff with Florel at 500 ppm. The effects of Florel varied among species. We recommend the use of Florel on species that had beneficial effects from the treatment. Beneficial effects included increased branching and flowering without great delays in flowering time. Some temporary leaf browning that diminished within three weeks was sometimes associated with the beneficial effects. We will be doing more experiments in the future with Florel on vegetative annual species. (insert a photo with and without Florel here)

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