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Hort 428 Commercial Greenhouse Management

Want to see a poinsettia grow from a cutting to a flower in just a couple of months? Want to provide people with "food for their souls" through the beauty and enjoyment of flowers? Then you might want to work in the commercial greenhouse industry, managing a greenhouse and growing floral crops! Hort 428 is a hands-on lab to learn how to manage a greenhouse crop using poinsettias that meets weekly in greenhouse 1516 and HFSB 109. All other course work is completed on-line using TAMU Vista and only meets the first day of class and for exams and the final.

HORT 428 can help give you the knowledge and information needed for a career in management of commercial greenhouses, conservatories and institutional greenhouses. You can expect to learn about greenhouse construction, heating, and cooling as well as how environmental factors effect plant growth and development. You will also learn about pests and diseases associated with growing greenhouse crops and the management of a greenhouse business.

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