A Nursery Irrigation-Syringe System that Monitors Environmental Parameters

by M. Cuello Rionda and Fred T. Davies, Jr.

A digital automated irrigation-syringe system (DAIS) that monitors environmental conditions for efficient plant cooling and water usage is described. The device consists of a short-cycle syringe irrigation control (intermittent irrigation) for reducing heat load and a long time cycle control for applying larger volumes of water during predetermined irrigation cycles. The syringe (intermittent irrigation ) control is operated by selection threshold levels based on soil and air temperatures and soil moisture. The longer time cycle control is based on a 24-hr cycle that provides regular cyclic irrigation adjusted for daily irrigation number(s) and time length of each irrigation. The DAIS can be used in nursery container and greenhouse production and can be applied to modeling of growth at different water regimes to determine water requirements for optimum crop growth.

HortScience 21(3): 523-523. 1986.