Stimulation of Bud and Shoot Development of Rieger Begonia Leaf Cuttings with Cytokinins

by B. C. Moser and Fred T. Davies, Jr.

Leaf cuttings of Rieger elatior begonias (Begonia bertini ‘compacti’  B. socotrana cvs. Aphrodite Cherry Red and Schwabenland Red) were treated with 6-furfurylamino purine (kinetin), 6-benzylaminp purine (BA), and 6-(benzylamino)-9-(2-tetrahydropyranyl)-9H-purine (PBA). BA and PBA enhanced bud and shoot regeneration in ‘Aphrodite Cherry Red,’ while kinetin showed no activity. All cytokinis tested reduced shoot development in ‘Schwabenland Red .’ PBA stimulated optimal bud and shoot development when applied to ‘Aphrodite Cherry Red’ leaf cuttings as a 12 hour 15 m basal-petiole dip, 1000 m spray, and 0.01 % talc-petiole dip. Cuttings taken from ‘Aphrodite Cherry Red’ stock plants treated with 1000m PBA successfully generated new plants.

Journal of Plant Nutrition, 18(9), 1765-1783 (1995)