Shoot RNA, cambrial activity and indolebutyric acid effectively in seasonal rooting of juvenile and mature Ficus pumila cuttings

by Fred T. Davies, Jr.

The seasonal influence of adventitious root formation was studied in woody leaf bud cuttings of Ficus pumila L., creeping fig. Juvenile cuttings rooted easily, whereas only mature cuttings treated with indolebutyric acid (IBA) exceeded 30 % rooting. Greater tooting occurred in IBA-treated juvenile and mature cuttings than controls, regardless of the month each experiment was initiated. Seasonal changes influenced rooting in all treatments except IBA treated juvenile cuttings where percentage rooting was not affected. Higher vascular cambial activity and shoot RNA levels occurred in juvenile and mature forms during peak rooting periods , while lowest RNA was observed in mature shoots during low rooting intervals.

Physiol. Plant. 62: 571-575. Copenhagen 1984