Adventitious Root Formation in Rosa Multiflora ‘Brooks 56’ Hardwood Cuttings

by Fred T. Davies, Jr.

Production of Texas field grown rose bushes is inefficient with less than 60 percent of Rosa multiflora hardwood cuttings developing into marketable plants after two years of commercial production. Uniformity of rooting of hardwood cuttings differs between field location and time of the year. Treatments consisting of Hare’s powder, 0,30000,10000 mg/1 IBA (0,300,10000 ppm), 2N H2SO4 acid treatment, NaOH solution pH 10.5 and/or wounding were established to test the effect of selected chemical and mechanical treatments on rooting hardwood Rosa multiflora cuttings propagated under field and greenhouse conditions. Results were comparable between field and greenhouse propagated hardwood cuttings. Best treatments were with Hare’s powder and wounding, while acid, base and IBA treatments did not enhance rooting. The importance of determining the physiological condition of field stock plants for successful rooting of hardwood cuttings is discussed.

Journal of Environmental HortJournal of Plant Nutrition, 18(9), 1765-1783 (1995)