Common NameLantana
Scientific NameLantana spp.
Family NameVerbenaceae
DescriptionLantanas constitute one of the most widely utilized genera of subtropical shrubs or summer annuals in Texas. Numerous cultivars with a wide range of flower colors and growth habits are availble. Some form groundcovers only 1 ft or so tall while others are rounded shrubs reaching 6 ft in height. The dark green foliage is prickly with a pungent scent. Some form shrubs, others herbaceous perennials, and still other are annuals depending upon the cultivar and location of growth..
Plant Habit or Use:warm season annual,perennial,small shrub,medium shrub,tropical
Flower Color:highly variable, white, purple, yellow, orange, red, pink, even with two or three colors on single cyme
Blooming Period:spring,summer,fall
Fruit Characteristics:blue-black drupe, poisonous
Height:1 ft to 6 ft
Width:3 ftto 6 ft
Earth-Kind® Index:
* Explanation of the Earth-Kind® Index
  • Heat Tolerance: High Heat Tolerance
  • Water Requirements: Low Water Use
  • Soil Requirements: Low Soil Requirements
  • Pest Tolerance: High Pest Resistance
  • Fertility Requirements: Low Fertility Requirements
* Explanation of the individual indices.
USDA Hardiness Zones:8,9,10,11
Additional Comments:Extremely durable plant, tolerates nearly any soil that is not permanently wet. Cold hardiness limits use as a shrub in central and north Texas, tends to cycle in and out of flower, spider mites and a leaf miner are occasional problems.

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