January 27 and 28th, 2017

General Rules and Regulations

Rule 1. Any exhibitor who violates any of the following rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums or be subject to such penalty as the show management may order.

Rule 2. The show management reserves the right to make changes and additions to the rules and regulations prior to the show which may be necessary and beneficial to the show.

Rule 3. There will be no protest and all decisions of the judges will be final.

Rule 4. Prizes will be awarded on listed entries only. The Citrus Youth Show reserves the right to issue prizes only to quality entries. Unlisted entries of proper quality, size and maturity will be judged but no prize money will be awarded. No sweepstake points will be awarded on unlisted citrus.

Rule 5. Entries will be free, but all exhibits become the property of the Show. Any youth in school (K-12) in Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr or Willacy Counties is eligible to enter exhibits.

Rule 6. Grower permission must be secured before selecting fruit and making entries. All entries must come from local growers and the grower's full name and address must be placed on the entry card.

Rule 7. All entries will be made on an official entry card furnished by the Citrus Show and must be filled in completely and legibly. Fill out entry cards before presenting entry to sifting committee. Cards will be available from FFA Advisors and County Extension Agents prior to the Show and at the Show during the entry period.

Rule 8. Exhibits must be registered and placed in a designated area. Each entry must be in a separate exhibition plate provided by the Show. Reference will be the Citrus Industry, Vol. I, edited by Reuther, Batchelor and Webber.

Rule 9. Entries will be taken at 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Entry judging will begin at 6:00 pm. The location will be at Leo Pena La Placita Park in downtown Mission. The identification and judging contest will be held Saturday, January 28th at 9:00 am

Rule 10. The Citrus Show is in no way liable for accidents, theft, fire or misplaced exhibits.

Individual Citrus Exhibits

Rule 1. An exhibitor will be allowed only one entry in each class of citrus. Only those varieties in "Citrus Types & Varieties" may be exhibited for awards. Three divisions have been established with a Sub-Junior (K-8th grade), Junior (9th and 10th grades) and Senior (11th and 12th grades) division. Each exhibitor shall put in which division they qualify for beside their name on the entry card.

The Eron Wernecke Award will be presented as a belt buckle to the exhibitor amassing the most points based on the following points system. A belt buckle will be presented to the exhibitor amassing the most points in each of the divisions of Sub-Junior (K-8th grade), Junior (9th and 10th grades) and Senior (11th and 12th grades) division (3 belt buckles total)

Rule 2. Each contestant must select and gather fruit from the orchard and prepare his or her own exhibit. No adult or parental supervision in arranging exhibits at show under penalty of disqualification.

Rule 3. Each exhibit will consist of four (4) fruit. Buttons must be intact and clipped closely.

Rule 4. Fruit must be of natural color (no color-added or waxed fruit) and of show quality. Fruit that does not meet quality standards will not be accepted.

Rule 5. All entries must be cleaned and prepared before bringing to the show. Unprepared or unwashed fruit will not be accepted.

Rule 6. All entries must have the variety or class at the top of the entry card on the line provided. Any exhibit which is incorrectly labeled will be disqualified.

Rule 7. A contestant must be present to make his or her entry.

Rule 8. Any boy or girl guilty of handling exhibits without permission will be disqualified. Placing cards are not to be removed from the exhibit.

Rule 9. Prizes will be as follows:

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion prize money will be $200.00 for Grand Champion and $100.00 for Reserve Grand Champion.

1. Listed Citrus Varieties

               1st Place $10.00

               2nd Place $6.00

               3rd Place $4.00

2. Cluster (Grapefruit, Oranges)

    A cluster will be considered as fruit on a common, unbranched limb. Split or multiple clusters (due to branching)
     will be considered only as to the larger or largest single cluster.

     Largest Number of Fruit $15.00

    Best Quality Cluster $15.00

     Note: One cluster could win both quantity and quality awards.

3. Eron Wernecke Sweepstakes Award

   The Eron Wernecke Award will be presented as a belt buckle to the exhibitor amassing the most points based on the following
   points system.

   A special award will be presented to the grower amassing the most points.

            1st  5 points

            2nd  3 points

            3rd  1 point

   Ties will be broken by the greatest number of 1st place awards.

Rule 10. Criteria for selecting, showing and judging citrus fruit are as follows:

  10.1 The exhibit should be correctly labeled as to variety.

  10.2 The specimens should be true-to type, i.e, they should represent the variety as to color, shape, size, seediness, peel
texture, etc.

  10.3 Each specimen in the exhibit should be completely clean and free of blemishes, chemical residues, scale insects,
sooty mold, dirt or other foreign matter. Fruit with obvious punctures or excessive windscar blemishes should not be

  10.4 All specimens in the exhibit should be uniform in size, shape, color and overall appearance, as uniformity becomes
the deciding factor.

  10.5 Note that the time of year will affect both exterior and interior color, so the judges will make allowances.

Rule 11. An exhibitor may exhibit a single entry in the Freak Fruit category, which need only comprise one malformed fruit. This category will receive the same places and prizes as the variety exhibits, but no points will be awarded.

Citrus Identification and Judging Contest

Rule 1. There will be three divisions of competition. The Senior Division is for students who are Juniors or Seniors in high school. The Junior Division is for students who are freshman or sophomores in high school. The Sub-Junior Division is for students in K thru 8th grade.

Rule 2. Each team will be allowed to enter four members. The top three scores will be used as the team score.

Rule 3. The contest will consist of identification and judging, with a total possible score of 450 points.

    3.1 Identification (300 points)

        30 specimens of listed entries

    3.2 Judging (150 points)

        One four-plate class of Ruby-Sweet grapefruit

        One four-plate class of Rio Star grapefruit

        One four-plate class of oranges (Commercial variety)

        The Hormel Grading System will be used in grading the judging classes.

Rule 4. Contest prizes will consist of First Place, Second Place and Third Place Plaques in the Senior Division, Junior Division, and Sub-Junior Division. In case of a tie, the team with the highest point individual will receive the higher award.

A trophy for the high point individual Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior will be awarded.

The total of the three judging scores will be used to break a tie for individuals.

Rule 5. Each chapter or club must have an adult sponsor present to assist in grading score cards or the team will be penalized 100 points.

Rule 6. Adult leaders will certify their team. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the team.

Rule 7. Each team is responsible for its own clipboards and pencils.

Citrus Types and Varieties (Accepted for Exhibits and Prizes)

Commercial Varieties
1) Ruby Red Grapefruit 6) Marrs Orange
2) Star Ruby Grapefruit 7) Valencia Orange
3) Rio Red Grapefruit 8) Navel Orange
4) Ray/Henderson Grapefruit 9) Jaffa Orange
5) Hamlin Orange 10) Pineapple Orange
Non-Commercial Varieties
11) Duncan 14) Marsh
12) Foster 15) Thompson (Pink Marsh)
13) Hudson 16) New Zealand Grapefruit (Whitaker & Longwell Gold)
17) Blood 19) Queen
18) Parson Brown 20) Variegated
Mandarins and Mandarin Hybrids
21) Bower Tangerine 28) Sunburst
22) Clementine (Algerian) Tangerine 29) Temple
23) Dancy Tangerine 30) Minneola Tangelo
24) Fortune Tangerine 31) Orlando Tangelo
25) Fairchild 32) Thornton Tangelo
26) Murcott 33) Wekiwa Tangelo
27) Ponkan (Warnurco)
Acid Citrus
34) Eureka Lemon 38) Mexican Lime
35) Meyer Lemon 39) Tahiti (Persian) Lime
36) Variegated Lemon 40) Limequat
37) Ponderosa Lemon
Novelty Citrus
41) Calamondin 44) Meiwa Kumquat
42) Chinotto 45) Nagami Kumquat
43) Citrangequat 46) Pummelo
47) Cleopatra Mandarin 49) Sour Orange
48) Carrizo Citrange 50) Swingle Citrumelo

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