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Blue Bunny Bloom Larkspur
Consolida ambigua 'Bunny Bloom'

A reseeding annual with a backward projecting spur, formed by the upper petal of the flower, and the head-of-a-bunny formed by the upper light blue petal of the blue flower.

Hardiness: Reseeding annual
Foliage: Lacey evergreen
Exposure: Full for best bloom but will tolerate partial shade
Water: Medium. The plants are likely to rot at the base in soils that retain excessive moisture.
Habit: Height 36 inches (90 cm.); space 10 -12 inches (20 - 30 cm). Spreading growth habit with blue and shades of blue flowers.
Uses: Bedding, window boxes, delightful cut flowers and excellent for dried flower use. Place plant where it may spread freely in years to come.
Care: Provide with a very well-drained soil. Do not eat flower, leaves or seed.
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