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Duranta, Brazilian Sky Flower
Duranta erecta

Rapid growing, dense shrub with small glossy leaves and a profusion of pendulous racemes of small flowers with colors varying from light blue to purple. Some selections fruit heavily, and the plant becomes covered with small, golden ball-like drupes. Must be treated as an annual-root hardy perennial in most parts of Texas, but will be perennial in south Texas. The cultivar 'Gold Edge' has intense yellow variegation and flowers sparcely.

Hardiness: Zone 9

Exposure: Sun or shade; flowers heavier in sun
'Gold Edge' prefers shade

Size: Height 12 to 15 feet in south Texas, but size depends on pruning

Bloom Time: Summer till frost.

Notes: Root-hardy perennial in south Texas, but annual or tender perennial in most of the state.

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Picture of Duranta

Picture of Duranta

Picture of Duranta
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