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Texas Agricultural Extension Service
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Dr. Steven George
Horticulture Specialist

For the first time, traditionally shade-loving coleus plants venture out of the shadows this spring with introduction of the new SuperSun cultivars which truly tolerate our hot Texas sun.

Texas A&M Extension specialists conducted field trials for three years and evaluated over 70 cultivars to identify two that are fully sun-tolerant. The winning cultivars are called SuperSun 'Plum Parfait' (pronounced par-fay') and SuperSun 'Burgundy Sun.'

SuperSun 'Plum Parfait' has a beautifully ruffled, lance-shaped leaf which is a purplish-plum color early in the growing season. As summer's heat begins to build, 'Plum Parfait' becomes even more attractive as its leaves develop bold pink margins. This cultivar is best used where the viewer can get rather close to the plant so as to fully appreciate the gorgeous pink highlights.

'Burgundy Sun' is characterized by large, oval to heart-shaped leaves which are deep, rich burgundy in color. This cultivar takes center stage when you want a strong visual impact, especially at a distance (e.g. completely across your backyard).

Their Attributes Abound

The A&M trials proved that these SuperSun coleus possess many outstanding attributes. For example, they:

Coleus Culture At A Glance

SuperSun coleus are very easy to grow if you employ the following "Earth-Kind" cultural techniques:

Uses In The landscape

Here are just a few of the many ways in which SuperSun coleus can be used to enrich and enhance your home landscape: From Beaumont to Amarillo to El Paso, in sun or shade, these coleus are among our most versatile and adaptable color plants. So for easy care, near perfect annuals which will add excitement and beauty to your landscape from mid spring well into fall, try the new SuperSun coleus. They are truly outstanding.

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