1: Q: I was wondering if anyone was doing experiments on Hemp? I was curious about your views on growing hemp as an alternative to products we grow today. What do you think about hemp? I'm not an activist. I am curious why people are not using hemp today. In your opinion why do you think it is illegal. I do not use drugs and I am not an advocate of drug use.

A: As you know, some types of hemp are also known as marijuana (Cannabis sativa) or Indian hemp. If folks would stop smoking it and use it for the fibre contained in its inner bark, it would be a great commercial crop. Hemp requires a soil rich in humus and wll supplied with moisture. Other plants yielding fibre to which the name hemp has been given are: Bow-string-hem, which is Sansevieria; Manila-hemp or Abaca, which is Musa textilis, a species of banana; Sisal-hemp, which is Agave silalana; and Indiian-hemp, which is Apocynum cannabinum. The Constitution of The United States is written on hemp BUT as long as it is classified as a hallucinogenic agent we will not be growing a lot of it commercially. Texas A&M is not doing hemp testing at the present. I know the University of Mississippi was testing hemp under strict supervision.

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